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Services We Provide

IT Consulting

We focus on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives.

Technology Solutions

We have IT experts to properly serve our clients, helping them manage complex technical operations and allowing them to use their data effectively and efficiently.

Professional Services

Here we use techniques like evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required.

Educational Services

Here we provide STEM program curriculum for schools and offers workshops for MWBE prospects.

How We Work

There is no typical client. You are unique, and you want different things from other clients. Therefore, you need different things from us and your support team. Here's our general approach to assessing your needs and creating a customized solution.

  • 1

    Understand Your Business and Its Vision

    The starting point is understand why you started your business and what your desires are for it. For us to help our clients, our primary goal is to know what the end game looks like for them.  

  • 2

    Assess Challenges

    Next, we want to find out from you the detail of what is happening right now, and how far along you are in the process. We ask about your target markets, your clients, your team, your process flow, your pain points, the financials, the internal and the external impacts you have faced, the areas you have done well in and the ones you have found the most challenging. We also delve deeply into the most basic of systems and process questions.

  • 3

    Confirm Key Stakeholders

    We then look to understand your key stakeholders - specifically your support team. Having the right team around you will help you reach the goals you have set for your business. We like to see where you are with having the support you need and then help ensure over time you secure the right team.

  • 4

    Solutions Summary

    Once we know the above detail, we are then able to provide you a solution summary. This document is designed to provide you a view on opportunities for improvement.

    This paper is provided in several sections. What we heard you say to us, what we see, the basic research we have done on your industry, the steps we would take if we were you, the process we would follow to help you should you wish to engage us and the investment for us to be part of the team to secure the outcomes we agree on.

    Up to this point, there are no fees, the process is required for us to determine if we can help and if we can, what the outcomes would be we can agree on.

  • 5

    Save Time and Effort

    We agree to a schedule, a document is created that will evolve throughout the duration of the project, and we work together in collaboration that may include face to face, online and/or via our document sharing hub to establish and achieve the outcomes we agreed upon.

    The time together and investment equal the outcomes in terms of value we are seeking to work with you to achieve. In the early stages, we may need to spend more time with you than we do later. It depends on the outcomes we are seeking the level of value we are provided.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

DEFY SciTech is here to help you at every step in your business journey. With pricing for every stage of your business.

Business Essentials

Plan + Start

Some services may include:

Business Planning

Help with getting funded

Website Design

Digital Marketing


Business Plus

Manage + Grow

Some services may include:

Staffing Your Business

Business Analytics & Optimization

Systems Integration and Implementation





Scale + Transition

Some services may include:


End to End Architecture

Business Continuity Planning

Business Exit Strategy Planning


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